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Anna Berthollet attending Cinema Verité in Iran

15.12.2017 : News

When we get the chance to share incredible documentaries with the world, and attend festivals to share our knowledge, we […]

DOKUDOM host screenings of Dolphin Man and Ultra in Banja Luka

13.12.2017 : News

DOKUDOM, a sister company of Taskovski Films is hosting screenings of two wonderful documentaries this week. On Wednesday, 13 December […]

Taskovksi Films at 11th Cinema Vérité - Iran International Documentary Film Festival

12.12.2017 : News

The 11th Cinema Veritie Iran International Documentary Festival kicked off on the weekend. This festival tries to express the relationship […]

Almost Heaven wins in the UK, A Bastard Child & Listen to the Silence wins in Greece

11.12.2017 : News

It has been a wonderful weekend for three films in the Taskovski Films catalogue! Knutte Wester’s A Bastard Child  and […]


From our catalogue...

Paa Joe & The Lion

2016, UK, 72'
director: Benjamin Wigley

In No Great Hurry

2013, UK/USA, 75' & 52'
director: Tomas Leach

Everybody Knows..Elizabeth Murray

2016, USA, 60'
director: Kristi Zea

A Walnut Tree

2015, Pakistan, 81'
director: Ammar Aziz

My Own Private War

2016, Netherlands, 57'
director: Lidija Zelovic

Mechanical Figures Inspired by Tesla

2011, Croatia, 90' & 52'
director: Helena Bulaja