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Great review on Cineuropeo: 69 Minutes of 86 Days: Innocence on the road to safety!

15.04.2017 : News

Nice words about our 69 Minutes of 86 Days by Egil Håskjold Larsen you can read in new review by Vladan Petkovic for […]

"69 Minutes of 86 Days" won Special Mention - Nordic Dox:Award at the CPH:DOX!!

29.03.2017 : News

 69 Minutes of 86 Days received a Special mention at CPH:DOX, in the category of The NORDIC:DOX Award, which represents the best of […]

Another winning for Normal Autistic - The 1st Prise at One World Romania!

24.03.2017 : News

After extremly succesfull period for outstanding  Normal Autistic Film in the last few weeks and months, we are happy that awards […]

A World Premiere of "69 Minutes of 86 Days" at CPH:DOX!

20.03.2017 : News

Our beautiful masterpiece, 69 Minutes of 86 Days, is having a World Premiere at the CPH:DOX  in a two days! With […]


From our catalogue...

Family Meals

2012, Croatia, 50'
director: Dana Budisavljević

A Walnut Tree

2015, Pakistan, 81'
director: Ammar Aziz


2016, Norway, 78'
director: Dylan Williams, Erik Pauser

Go West

2005, Bosnia and Herzegovina/Croatia, 97'
director: Ahmed Imamović

Grandma, a Thousand Times

2010, UAE/Qatar/Lebanon, 48'
director: Mahmoud Kaabour

Olmo and The Seagull

2015, Denmark, Brazil, Portugal, France, Sweden, 82'
director: Petra Costa, Lea Glob