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Irena Taskovski will teach at DocuFest 2014

20.08.2014 : News

BDC Discoveries 2014 – a project development workshop, aimed at uniting professionals with documentary projects with an international potential. and helping [...]

The Wild Years awarded in Shanghai

23.06.2014 : News

Congratulations to DOP Mauro Herce for the Best Photography award on the 20th Shanghai TV Festival for The Wild Years [...]

The Gold Spinners

28.03.2014 : Films

The Gold Spinners is a story about the birth, glory years and disappearance of the film studio Eesti Reklaamfilm – [...]

Yet another award for Stream of Love

05.03.2014 : News

Yet another award for Stream of Love. This time it is Zagreb Dox, one of the fastest growing documentary festivals [...]


From our catalogue...


2010, Japan/USA/South Korea, 75' & 53'
director: Kazuhiro Soda

Little Heaven

2011, Belgium, 69' & 53'
director: Lieven Corthouts

Shutka Book of Records

2005, Czech Republic, 60’ & 78’
director: Aleksandar Manic


2011, Chile, 84'
director: María Paz González

Trains of Thoughts

2012, Austria, 84'
director: Timo Novotny


2011, Latvia/Georgia, 58'
director: Audrius Stonys

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