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"Lampedusa in Winter" screening and panel debate at European Parliament

20.04.2016 : News

After two hours of intense debate, our movie was screened. In a place where usually laws are made, people watched the everyday struggle of the refugees, the coast guard and the people of Lampedusa. Their grief, their hope, their solidarity.

Lampedusa in Winter wins the Fondazione Cassa di Bolzano Award for Best Documentary at  30. Bolzano Film Festival Bozen

19.04.2016 : News

The film offers a respectful look at a microcosmos on the borders of Europe. We meet women and men that are facing existential challenges on a daily bases. Jakob Brossman manages to give a complex and moving portrait of the island and its population.

Fest of Duty awarded with the special mention for the section Le Donne Raccontano at the 23rd edition of Sguardi Altrove Film Festival

29.03.2016 : News

The social situation and policy of Iran has cleverly left out of the field, but the author still manages to perceive the contradictions of the country.


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