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AND Taskovski Films Asian Talent Fund Awarded  the They are One  Hundred Years Old by Tibet Dukar  Tserang

24.10.2016 : News

Asian Network of Documentary (AND) program of Asian Cinema Fund and Taskovski Films established a partnership four years ago. Every years, […]

Oscars 2017 - Ukrainian Sheriffs

23.10.2016 : News

Ukraine’s official entry as Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards is Ukrainian Sheriffs!

What He Did by Jonas Poher Rasmussen gets another award!

04.10.2016 : News

Each film in its own way could be considered a “best” documentary. In the end, the jurors were unanimous in […]

Sugar Blues, release on iTunes

17.09.2016 : News

We are thrill to announce that our film Sugar Blues can be screened on iTunes! Don’t miss the opportunity to […]


From our catalogue...

Astronauts Vikings And Ghosts

2010, UK, 59'
director: Robert Haines

Nick & Chai

2014, Philippines, 65'
director: Rowena Sanchez & Charena Escala

Crime City Love

2013, Sweden, 56'
director: Klara Levin

Mustafa’s Sweet Dreams

2012, Greece / Turkey / UK, 80'
director: Angelos Abazoglou


2011, USA, 50'
director: Jon Kent

Rings of the World

2015, Russia, 180', 2x90', 4x45', 58'
director: Sergei Miroshnichenko