DOKUDOM host screenings of Dolphin Man and Ultra in Banja Luka

DOKUDOM, a sister company of Taskovski Films is hosting screenings of two wonderful documentaries this week. On Wednesday, 13 December […]

Dokudom Dolphin Man and Ultra

DOKUDOM, a sister company of Taskovski Films is hosting screenings of two wonderful documentaries this week.

Screening of Dolphin Man, Banjaluka, 2017_2

On Wednesday, 13 December they will host a screening of European Film Award nominee for best documentary, Ultra.

It follows four runners, participants of the Ultra Marathon in Greece, and gives us a unique insight into the past, hearts and minds of four daily athletes embraced by the director who runs.

A discussion with panel guests and moderator Nemanja Babic is also planned and we are honored to welcome Željko Panic the Olympic Games participant and founder of swimming club Olymp, 

Vladimir Selec, President of TRK Banja Luka and organizer of Banja Luka half-marathon, Nevena Stojakovic, ultra marathon runner and organizer of Kozara Ultra Trail and Lucia Kimani, the winner of four state records in various racing disciplines, including marathon training.This screening is hosted at GP Jazavac Banja Luka and within organization of DOKUDOM, Moving Docs and European Documentary Network, all supported by Creative Europe.

Screening: Wednesday 13 December 2017

Time: 20:00

VenueGP Jazavac

Q&A after the screening of Dolphin Man

Q&A after the screening of Dolphin Man

Another screening, of the film Dolphin Man was held on Tuesday 12 December. Dolphin Man tells the extraordinary story and legacy of free-diver Jacques Mayol, whose life became the inspiration for Luc Besson’s cult-movie The Big Blue. Narrated by Jean- Marc Barr, the film draws us into Mayol’s world, capturing his compelling journey from Japan to Europe, India and the Bahamas, while immersing viewers into the sensory and transformative experience of free-diving.

The film raises questions important to everyday life: how do we relax in these busy and stressful times. Are we still connected with nature or we somehow drifted away?

Click here for more information on Dolphin Man and more screenings in the future.

Furthermore click here for an interview (in Serbia) about these two incredible documentaries.


DOKUDOM is Banja Luka based distribution company, open to advice and support regional filmmakers and documentary film screenings. DOKUDOM is part of Taskovski Films Ltd.  and since 2017 is BIH Moving Docs  partner.