DOK.Fest Munich winner of the DOK.deutsch competition is Bruder Jakob!!

Congratulations to Eli Roland Sachs!

Bruder Jakob is a winner of the DOK.deutsch competition at DOK.Fest Munich! Sincere congratulations for creating uncompromising, personal & creative documentary to Eli Roland Sachs! We are so happy because of the price and even more as it comes deserved after investing efforts and love in telling us his story about religion, spirituality, familly connections and essential human needs.

From the jury statement: “In unpretentious and highly emotional images, the film recounts Jakob’s need for spirituality and the power and the relentlessness of religion and family. We are shown the competition between the two brothers, that dialogue is better than exclusion, that understanding must always come before judgement and that a dominant culture that holds good for everyone is not easy to create.” link

Bruder Jakob winner